Thursday, June 21, 2007

Utada Hikaru - Exodus, 13. Let me give you my love

Notes on the unlucky track follow. If only the music were as progressive as the lyrics.

* * *

A song about interracial relationships. Sort of. It starts off like that, and then just sort of goes into regular relationship type stuff, as things should, as opposed to having your parents beat you over the head and move out of town. As expected, it's sexually charged.

It's got a casual, sensual feel to it. Lazy synthesized minor descending chords, warped synthesized bass, that kind of atmosphere. It's pretty standard stuff, apart from the subject matter, which quickly goes from out of the ordinary to something closer to ordinary. There's not enough said concerning social acceptance to read into these lyrics, it's just implied.

Some comments about choruses for these types of songs in general. Why the high, thin, register? Is it because it makes the female vocalist sound submissive, weak, or maybe just breathless and willing? It doesn't sound inviting to me, rather it sounds depraved.

Again, generic, not too bad, typical R&B. It's just not something I appreciate except from its interesting subject matter. Upon repeated listens, though, she doesn't develop the ideas enough to warrant this single track looping I'm doing.