Tuesday, May 1, 2007


After a while, I realized that I was making more anime and j-pop themed posts, deviating from the original site's intended purpose. Certainly the content is similar in terms of style, but it seemed a good idea to compartmentalize. As such, I am going to slowly move those posts to this site, and polish them along the way. On newer posts, or some older ones that I feel strongly about, I may also add some frame captures, something that I've never done before.

Right off the bat I've observed the possibility of some temporal disconnect. I'll revise as necessary, but it will be refreshing to add a more current perspective in correlation to the more recent stamps.

I only came across the term wabi-sabi recently while reading a translation of one of Utada Hikaru's entries. I am, for the time being, enamoured by the discovery of the term, which encapsulates much that I identify with.

I initially tried to register wabi-sabi in Blogger, which was taken. Instead, I chose a related word from wabi-sabi, transcience, and used its Latin root. It has a soft ring, as Latin words are wont to have. I hope it pervades most of my entries, which implies I have my work cut out for me.