Sunday, June 24, 2007


A bit of a promotional appearance in advance of AnimeNorth 2006. Once again, KOTOKO re-affirms her status as a great performer by giving it her all on a children's channel.

Had I known that KOTOKO would be appearing at AN'06, I'd have skipped class and dragged my carcass down to see her perform. At the time I had yet to have discovered Re-sublimity, but I had encountered Second Flight (ft. Hiromi Sato), the famous (although not so great) Shooting Star, and various other image songs from Onegai Teacher/Twins and Triangle Heart ~Sweet Songs Forever~ OVA.

For anyone interested in a bit of trivia, Triangle Heart (based on a game of the same name) featured a Takamachi Nanoha, but not as the incarnation that wound up in MSLN, MSLN A's and now StrikerS. Likewise, none of the other Triangle Heart characters make any serious appearance in the MSLN series.