Thursday, June 21, 2007

Utada Hikaru - Exodus, 08. Animato

Notes on lucky number eight. Taking these albums out for another spin, I can't help but think that Hikki needs to write lyrics that flow with the music. A lot of the lines sound disjunct and consequently juvenile. Part of it is also delivery, as just having attitude can polish seemingly un-salvageable songs. Case in point: Devil Inside at Utada United 2006.

As usual, square bracket comments are meta-comments.

* * *

The track ends with the kind of air-burst effect used in Galerie Stratique's Soleil Levant. I don't mind it, it's like adding white noise for added contemplative effect. A background chorus kicks in and for a moment it sounds like it might be something Enigma might do, sampling from O Fortuna. It turns into a bit of an upbeat march, with textures being added every so often.

I like the electronic background used in this. This is the track that is sufficiently experimental to warrant such accompaniment. Hikaru's voice is light and easy, and I don't think in this case her voice is the feature attraction. Rather, it's the background, and her vocals are but another instrument in the fabric.

I thought that I'd have more to say about the music, but really that's about it. It's layered and experimental, and it's still accessible [i.e. it doesn't sound like garbage] which is a bonus for these kinds of tracks. Listen to it.

I get the sense that the lyrics are autobiographical, another one-sided conversation with the listener with asian music stereotypes ingrained in their brains. The verse lines are pentatonic once again, but the track as a whole is not. In her verses, she asks why her music has to be classified. She makes a reference to hip-hop, and her abilities to do (I'm guessing) hip-hop/R&B. Instead, she says that she does what she does best. It's another remark about transcendence and the [sp3, haha!] hybridization styles. The track closes with some of the artists she's listened to: Elvis (early rock), BBC recording sessions with Led Zeppelin (metal), Fred Mercury (of Queen, also metal).

There's a remark about diamond shoes and being on time. I wonder if it's a Cinderella reference.