Friday, June 8, 2007

"On the market"

(Originally 4 March 2007)

So Hikki's divorced, and it was made official Friday. I wasn't expecting it, there was no smoking gun from what little news about her gets out (she values her privacy). That said, I'm not shocked or stunned. Perhaps being so far removed from situation and receiving the announcement in the most non-personal way possible (written text over the internet) might have played a part, but more importantly I don't really care. And neither should most other people.

Oh for sure, I am slightly disappointed that things didn't work out for her, but if it's some big train wreck then it's being covered up really well. From the joint statement, it seems that things have changed, and they've grown apart over their four and half years together to the point where they are likely back where they started (or have always been) — good collaborators. But a companionate relationship is lacking two other components of the love triangle, if you believe in that theory. At any rate, if a relationship defined more or less through work — and it's not as if they work exclusively with each other — was what it came to, and with her still being pretty young, it's not unreasonable that they should split up.

I received comments from two people along the lines of, Well now she's single again maybe you/I have a chance. This is true, in that anyone can take a shot at her. I'm sure that whoever handles her mail (could be her come to think of it) will notice a sharp increase in marriage proposals. I don't like to think of it in those terms; it's a bit insensitive even for a subject I'm not moved by. It's probably one of the first things that come to anyone's mind, because we're all human and Hikki is a j-pop idol, but it's a belittling and opportunistic take on the situation. At the end of the day, better not to say anything at all about it other than to wish for her continuing success despite a stressful period (whether it's in the past or ongoing, it was stressful at one point in time) in her life. She still has her health and plenty of time and resources (she doesn't need to write to pay the bills) to pursue her career and maybe another relationship, eventually. Life goes on.

And because internet dorama is funny, trolls and self-righteous posters collided on the U-O thread devoted to the divorce announcement. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the moderator stepped in and put everyone in their place. For now.