Tuesday, June 19, 2007

FictionJunction YUUKA - Romanesque single

Yakusoku is dominantly rock styled with choral splashed in. In the middle break the same harmonic progression found in Honou no Tobira is present. Kind of cute. The chorus has a nice hook, but it doesn't make the song. Overall, Yakusoku is average for a FictionJunction YUUKA track, and I have to wonder if this and others suffer from the deliberate distortion at the mixing stage, eliminating any contrast by making everything loud.

The title track (yes, I'm too lazy to write about the tracks in the order that they appear) is also average. Latin influenced, accompaniment is moderate in terms of the number of instruments used, but it doesn't sound that way because of the texture provided by the guitar and percussion. Yuuka demonstrates good control (but this is a studio recording, after all) in dissonant and disjunct figures, but I don't find any hook in the melody to latch on to.