Friday, June 8, 2007

SunSet Swish, FLOW, Tokitou/Tokito Ami

(Originally 7 February 2007)

Instead of studying for midterms, I'm bumming around on YouTube. Inspired by the realization that I kind of like the second ED for Code Geass, I ran off to try and find it. One video was taken down on account of copyright (infringement), but another one is available for the time being. The biggest appeal for me is the casual swing feel, with enough push into the next phrase to keep things moving along at a good pace.

Anything Code Geass inevitably brings up the first OP as well, Colors by FLOW. I watched a couple AMV's, one of which was an overdubbing of the Eureka Seven OP with Colors, the other was more of an original production with scenes from the series itself. Apparently FLOW songs are similar enough in structure and timing that slotting in another of their songs synchs up with the same animation.

Somehow, probably by looking for other videos uploaded by one of the users, I wound up at the PV for the School Rumble OP. I eventually settled on a subbed version. The song itself is typical high energy, pretty catchy. The vocalist is a model who can sing decently live as well, although her live performance (from the clips) seems too casual and she has trouble with either air control or just lower range pitching. I suppose the model thing is apparent by her stage presence.

The video itself is just hilarity. Any time there is random and senseless violence (at times obviously fake, though) it's worthy of a chuckle. First off, if everyone wants in on that sandwich, why do they stick around to fight that guy? After defeating the first class, the second class confronts the guy. It seems they might have gotten lost on the way to the snack/lunch counter. The guy then makes a detour into a class room, and beats up a bunch of people wearing air filter masks. He is finally stopped by a bunch of geeks. This isn't so much a battle as a cheap, if funny, setup to beat up lots of guys.

Throughout this the vocalist is along for the ride, making cute but unintentionally (or intentionally) hilarious poses when juxtaposed by the freeze frame of males in various states of physical abuse with exaggerated expressions written on their faces.