Saturday, August 25, 2007

Summary Burner switched off!

By popular demand!

In another of those, never-spot-the-obvious-until-it's-brought-up moments, it finally occurred to me that the Antenna automatically summarized entries anyway. So now there is choice! Summarized feeds via the Antenna, or full entries via FeedBurner or Blogger. Having Blogger redirect to FeedBurner for stats is a nice touch.

While not the impetus for switching off the Summary Burner, I also get the vast majority of site updates via Google Reader, using it more as an update notifier with varying amounts of latency up to a few hours. If the headline is intriguing, I'll read the summary, and if the content is promising, I'll head to the site.

I'm subscribed to few actual blogs, anime related or otherwise, and prefer to go through aggregators, which all summarize entries. So I sort of grew into feeds with the summary mindset, and haven't quite turned Google Reader into my primary reading pane.


Owen S said...

Aggregators are bleh for me due to the overload of info, but I digress. Being an avid feedreader user and all, I just thought I'd throw in my suggestion for full feeds because they're superior.

It's also a matter of your readers' convenience and allowing him or her to read it on any platform that he or she chooses, not forcing him or her to go to your site each and every time you update. I find myself unsubscribing from blogs with so-so content if they don't have full feeds. Usually. Anyone worth their salt usually give full feeds anyway.