Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sky Girls: Aren't you a little short for a test pilot?

The catchy chorus in the OP sounds remarkably like KOTOKO, with its distorted vocals, or is that just because everyone wants be like KOTOKO now? Could do without the engrish.

I've never seen the OVA, and my decision to start watching was based pretty much on the fact that it involves flying. Flight animation is nice, better if it's reasonably detailed. I'm not expecting crazy logistics defying variable fighter missile shoot-outs, but I have no doubt there are one or two of those scenes in the pipeline.

So far, there have been non-flying episodes and episodes with some test flying or simulator work, but it's pure build-up. Hopefully it builds up to something interesting. Like a thrust-vectored, logistics (and physics) defying, missile shoot-out.

Sky Girls episode 4: conical meatIn the future, meat grows in conical form around a stick. Cylindrical is so uncivilized.

Episode 5 of Sky Girls continues to reinforce the ranks of those who see references to Evangelion. The smoking gun will, of course, be that Otoha's Sonic Diver is a capsule for her dead brother's soul.

Sky Girls episode 5: No gun?  No problem!ZEROOOO. No really, that's its name.

Projectiles versus sword. Because increasing the odds of death is the honourable thing to do, as well as being a vehicle for awesomeness. Fortunately for Otoha, the flying discs aren't rigged with explosives. The OP did feature her taking down a WORM with that blade, so I guess this is expected.

Sky Girls episode 5: Lt. HizukiGendou Viral

I have nothing to add to the above.

Eika's change toward a more active leadership role came across as forced. That's not to say that she is insincere, because I do think she wants everyone to do well, just not for the sake of having everyone do well. We all know she has that Ryu (Street Fighter) mindset: be the best for the sake of being the best. It's hard to see her being genuinely helpful (nice != helpful), as I do like characters who are Tall, Dark and Bishoujo, although she doesn't quite live up to the height part.

Sky Girls episode 5: Synchronized swimmingSynchronization exercises for killing an Angel a demonstration? Where have I seen that…

If all synchronized swimmers were this good after one training session, it'd cease to be a sport. Maybe they're just leading on the rest of us.


LytHka said...

The OP is MELL's and she's been around for a very long time. She's done some of the most memorable I've Sound songs in existence. KOTOKO was a part of I've Sound and still largely collaborates with their artists. It's not that everyone wants to be KOTOKO, it's just that MELL comes from the same production group. IMO, MELL is a lot stronger now since she has Takase Kazuya as her regular compositionist (the person who made I've as awesome as it is).

introspect said...

I know of MELL and other I've Sound girls, although not nearly as well as KOTOKO. I should have clarified that it was just particular section of Virgin's High! that had KOTOKO's almost trademarked distorted vocals and a splash split harmony.