Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sky Girls episode 6

Some quick points worth mentioning. Maybe.

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Sky Girls episode 6: Beaten in simulation
Nice stunt pulled during episode 6. The progression from drill practice to combat went too quickly to figure out that they were doing more simulator work. The very real opponent and live-fire weapons only added to the confusion. That the rifle Eika used was different from the ones used during the shooting demonstration didn't register until after the fact.

Sky Girls episode 6: Superior estimating skills
Karen is the quintessential nerd as she picks Nanae apart. When she applies her talents to more useful pursuits, it's taken for granted and even somewhat dry, but when she goes estimating other people, it's unintentionally funny, like the surprise that follows discovering an unintended use for some skill. Lucky Star's Miyuki would never apply herself to such nefarious purposes. If you enjoy fan service, there's plenty of that this episode.

I looked up the cast for the first time today and was surprised to see Ayako Kawasumi voicing Otoha. Now I can't watch this episode without hearing a less insane version of Megumi Noda on numerous occasions.

The writers belabour the point of the Sonic Divers with Captain Togo. He doesn't come across as dense or so kind as to be naive about why the military takes an interest in these things, so his surprise concerning the weaponization of the Sonic Divers is completely unbelievable. If you went in with no idea that there would be fighting involved, which would entail ignoring the OP and Eika's dogfight in the first episode, you might just be inclined to feel sorry for him. But as it stands, he's just there for the sake of being the token gruff guy.


Owen S said...

I think Togo's surprise stems more from the shady way by which things are being done -- a higher-up order from the shadows that isn't at all to his liking. Ultimately Otoha, Karen, and Eika are under his command, and he must feel responsible for them in some capacity I guess, and he doesn't like the way in which his men- alright, girls- are being treated.

Good observation there on the different rifle. It goes without saying that Otoha couldn't have missed something as obvious as a safety if she was trained with it, so yeah.

introspect said...

From his little talk with Eika following the simulator incident, I got the impression that he started the SD project because he couldn't fly anymore, and would relive his love of flight through the test pilots. Typical idealistic fare, and then he got a rude awakening.