Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gurren-Lagann episode 22: Our cruisers can't repel awesomeness of that magnitude!

Gurren-Lagann episode 22: Moon lasersNow witness the full power of this fully armed and operational battle station!

This is the Death Star that the Empire only wished they had built.

Gurren-Lagann episode 22: Death Star
I think the above screen capture seals the deal.

Gurren-Lagann episode 22: Moon core
Thermal exhaust port access to core? Check.

And now it's time for my favourite Return of the Jedi line!

Gurren-Lagann episode 22: Last episode's ambushIt's a trap!

Gurren-Lagann episode 22: Moon firingIt's a trap!

Gurren-Lagann episode 22: CagedIt's a CAGE!

Gurren-Lagann episode 22: Stalled in front of the moon's control portIt's a stick up!

It feels almost unfair that carbon-based life (necessarily) prevailed against a much more prepared enemy. They camped out space waiting for the appearance of Genome's dreadnought, they built the Death Star III on Genome's moon, and they installed a hostage in front of the moon's control port. They knew everything.

But once again, it's really hard to convince life to stop living. Except for Rossiu. He's been their tool ever since Genome's fall and at the end, and he looked ready to slash his wrists.

Call it evolution on steroids. Blizzard Games, take note. Terrans can evidently out-evolve the Zerg.