Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Utada Hikaru to release teddy bear song

(Originally 17 September 2006)

Stunned silence ensues.

Maybe it's because she's burned out after touring. Or burned out from producing Ultra Blue. Or maybe it's a mockery of her rabid fan base, knowing that they'll buy it just because they'll buy anything with her name on it. That's really cynical, and I don't actually believe that.

Until I actually take a listen, my assertion is that she doesn't need the money, so she can do anything she wants, even though it is a bizarre way of going about things. Usually when you don't need the money and want to explore the artistic side of things, you go and produce something like Ultra Blue. If you're Utada Hikaru, you go pen some singles that will eventually go into an album that will beat the pants off of Ultra Blue. Somehow, I doubt that a kid's song is going to contribute to Ultra Blue.