Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Maaya Sakamoto FOR THE WIN

(Originally 29 October 2006)

No doubt about it, she can sing live. Classic song, excellently done. It made my yesterday.

There are 3 other performances from the same show, apparently a June TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting) documentary. I don't identify as much with the newer songs, No Fear and Kazemachi Jet. Maybe it's because I've heard Yubiwa (many times) and Platinum/Purachina (from her Hotchpotch album) way back in the day. Maybe it's because anime songs have a different feel and atmosphere (although this doesn't work for Kazemachi Jet which is an ED for Tsubasa Chronicles), at least the good ones tend to relate at least tenuously to the series they open or close for (or are image songs for the OST). Maybe it's the Yoko Kanno factor for these two older works.

I can't shut up about Yubiwa. One of the greatest credit/ED tracks I've heard. Although that's not saying much. Its atmosphere matches that of the Escaflowne movie, the lyrics are basically from the male lead's viewpoint at the very end, literally, it's got Yoko Kanno execution and Maaya Sakamoto's voice. Basically, nothing can possibly go wrong. Like I was blown away by KOTOKO's Agony for the ending of KnM (and Re-sublimity for the OP, and Suppuration -core- for the image track...), I was blown away by Yubiwa's class and power, all the more enhanced by watching A Girl in Gaea (it wasn't that bad, but I did think it was rushed like most everyone else). I think Yubiwa made the ending, essentially. There wasn't anything spectacular, there wasn't much action or any busy-ness; it was rather peaceful. The effect could have been lost were it not for a solid ED track.

I think I've said my piece for now. Yes, on to hurting myself, i.e. watching Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien.