Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Saikano complete

(Originally 18 October 2006)

Saikano finale pulls an Evangelion. Or a Gainax. Everyone dies, main character begins hallucinating. It doesn't have much of an effect because the build-up just wasn't there, as noted previously. No one had anything poignant to say that might have salvaged the series (like Kannazuki no Miko!).

Well, on to AIR.


After some consideration, some comments on the main characters.

Chise's non-story is the kind of outcome that occurs everyday, but one that is unpalatable to me precisely because of that reason. Does she ever get over herself? No. Does she become a stronger person? No. The Chise at the beginning of the story is the same as the one at the end. There is nothing positive about her role, nor is there anything tragic.

Shuji is a loser, and this is actually acceptable to me. My problem with his character is that, while it's perfectly fine to speak your mind, it only works if you're not as dumb as bricks. After a few episodes, the instant he opens his mouth I know it's just to put foot in it. Hurting people is his schtick it seems, one that he regrets over and over again. Why he wasn't slapped around more than once for the entire series will be one of those great unsolved mysteries.