Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Doujin Work drives a hard bargain

Shamelessly cheap on the art. Sets up a misunderstanding and rides that pony for all its worth. If the writers have really hit gold, like in episode 3, they can carry it for the entire 11 minutes.

I liken it to some of those less than 10 minute shorts that appear on YouTube. Most of the time the production values aren't there — other than some dude with a camera and a shaky hand — but it doesn't matter because it's YouTube. Just saying the name automatically sets expectations (toward the basement end). But if there's anything to be learned from YouTube, it's that content doesn't have to be pretty to be profitable.

Doujin Work is probably going to net someone a decent reward given the amount of effort involved. It does what it does well, which is to deliver one or two moments per episode with minimal effort. Whether the venture is jaded or gutsy, I can't decide, but I'll respect both.