Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Code Geass note list

  • First OP: Good
  • Second ED: Good
  • Irrelevant school drama: Bad
  • Recap episodes: Cheap
  • Combat tricks: Clever

For someone who wants to take over the world, Lelouch's life has had little in the way of politics, at times arbitrarily so. But even glossing over that little incident where diplomacy just kind of failed because The Writers Said So, talking with people just isn't how Lelouch rolls. He's great at talking to and talking at people, but when it comes to mutual exchange of ideas, drop the mutual.

If actions have consequences in Code Geass, and there's some indication that they do most of the time as opposed to when it is convenient, then Lelouch cannot possibly win with his current angle of attack. But is it ever a great vehicle for rousing the rabble. Nothing unites the masses quite like a series that says, Screw the rules, I've got hax. I myself will confess to having fallen victim to God Mode Syndrome on numerous occasions. If that term hasn't yet been taken, it's mine. You read it here first.

There is something incredibly satisfying with watching God Mode in action. Perfect situational awareness? Wall hax. Firing on a patrol group through the wall? Typical Counter-Strike highlight reel clip. Large Hadron Collider Cannon and various one-man army robots? Cheap, but effective when used in moderation. They're pushing the boundaries a bit there.

I can hear the horn of an oncoming train in the distance. My feeling is that the writers wrote themselves into a box, and any continuation into the second season will either be utterly brilliant, like two Shanghai maglev trains passing each other at 300+ km/h, or it will be, well, yeah.

Best moment of the two episode finale? Seeing what was arguably the underdog defenders rally and counter-attack across no man's land. The Empire proved to be the better belligerent of the day, able to regroup despite a fallen commander. Where the Black Knights' centralized hierarchy fell into disarray following the flight of their leader, Britannia's forces had capable commanders who took the initiative when orders from the top ceased to trickle down.

Random moment of the two episode finale? Ougi being shot. Villetta goes all ninja to escape/kill some rioters, infiltrate the school, just to shoot one guy whose incapacitation is nothing compared to having the Napoleon call a snap vacation. One scene that could have been done without.