Saturday, September 8, 2007

Nodame Cantabile: Coda

Nodame Cantabile episode 23: Professionals
I think the above about sums up most of my ramblings concerning the series to date. Props to Froth-Bite for their efforts!

The last episode was a lot of flashback with some inspirational splashed in, but didn't carry the same finality as the episode before it. This is really not the end for these characters, so jumping up and screaming There! It's done! would be inappropriate. I'm not even wistful at all about it. What partings there were, were devoid of tear-inducing moments, as most partings are or ought to be.

Visually, the series does come off as cheap, although there's nothing terribly exciting about watching people playing instruments in general. The CG, despite all the work that probably went into it, never captured the flare that virtuosos possess in their movements. If you can get beyond that and listen to the music, the dialog, and interactions, I think you'll find a consistently decent series that really delivers towards its conclusion.

Being a former student of music probably disposes me towards something like Nodame Cantabile, and your mileage may vary otherwise.